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Challenge / Goal

The challenge is to try to get people to drive at the speed limit without hindering the access for heavy vehicles, such as buses - to get good traffic safety while maintaining good accessibility. The goal is to get the 85th percentile speed as close to the speed limit as possible.


The Actibump is only a speed bump if you speed. If you don't speed you get a flat road. If you do speed you get an inverted speed bump. A hatch, integrated into the road surface, lowers a few centimetres for speeding vehicles. This means that buses and other heavy vehicles get good accessibility, instead of the usual static solutions where they have to slow down below the speed limit to get a reasonably comfortable ride. The 85th percentile speed decreased to the speed limit, which is 50 km/h (actually it the 85th percentile speed is now 47 km/h), and speeding is currently below 5 %.


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Time period

Planning time: More than 5 years

Implementation time: Less than 6 months

End users

All citizens but especially good for buses.

Direct customers

Local, regional and national road administrations.

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