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Challenge / Goal

Detmold is committed to strengthening community bonds and making the significant impact of small changes palpable through the Open Data Neighbourhood Index. In collaboration with partners from the urban community, such as "Lippe im Wandel e.V.," the initiative ensures that the data transcends its static form. This approach encourages active engagement and commitment to change among as many residents as possible within their neighbourhoods.

The solution for enhancing Detmold's governance through its 2022–2025 action plan centres around implementing innovative digital infrastructures and promoting open government practices. Specifically, the city is undertaking four major commitments, which collectively aim to transform how citizens interact with government data and participate in governance.

The first commitment involves developing smart digital infrastructures with open interfaces and standards. This initiative focuses on making urban sustainability data more accessible and user-friendly. By providing open interfaces, Detmold aims to facilitate easier access to crucial information, thus empowering citizens and local businesses to make informed decisions that support sustainability and community well-being.

The second commitment is the establishment of a "data school." This educational endeavour is designed to enhance citizens' data literacy, enabling them to effectively utilise open data for personal and community development. The data school will likely offer workshops and courses on data analysis, visualisation, and application, ensuring that citizens are not only consumers of information but also active participants in the data-driven decision-making process.

A third initiative is the publication of sustainability data as open data. This commitment will make environmental and sustainability data freely available to the public, which is expected to increase transparency and foster deeper public engagement in environmental issues. Making this data accessible supports Detmold’s broader goals of enhancing sustainability and environmental awareness within the community.

Finally, the action plan includes the development of a method box for outreach citizen participation. This tool aims to broaden civic engagement by providing various methods and approaches to involve citizens in public discussions and decision-making processes. By reaching out directly to citizens in their everyday environments, Detmold intends to cultivate a more inclusive and participatory governance culture.

Collectively, these initiatives represent a comprehensive approach to solving the challenges of transparency, civic participation, and data accessibility. By integrating digital solutions into the fabric of city governance, Detmold is not only enhancing the efficiency and responsiveness of its municipal services but also fostering a more informed, engaged, and empowered community.


Citizen participation

Citizens were involved through online platforms like Consul, workshops, and the co-creation of the city’s action plan.


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Time period

Planning time: 2 to 5 years


Team Smart City Detmold

Service providers

Open Government Germany, city of Detmold

End users

all citiziens

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