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Partner Platforms

Partner platforms of the ARRIVAL platform provide additional information, tools and services relevant for the transport and mobility sector.

Platforms offered by ARRIVAL consortium partners


OPINA is an Open Innovation autonomous vehicle (AV) development, integration and testing platform, committed to accelerating intelligent mobility software development within a comprehensive, dynamic and agile automotive innovation system. The OPINA project is co-financed by the European Union and the Republic of Turkey. It is implemented by the Ministry of Industry of Technology under the scope of the Competitive Sectors Program and managed by Istanbul Okan University.

BABLE Smart Cities Platform 

BABLE offers an exchange platform for the Smart City community and provides a digital toolkit to facilitate implementation of smart and sustainable solutions in cities. It enables innovative companies, public authorities and experts to exchange information, ideas, products, services and Use Cases as reference projects. The BABLE smart cities platform currently includes users from more than 30 countries and provides mobility- and logistics-focused information relevant to the ENTRANCE community, in addition to covering other smart city sectors including energy, building, ICT and more.


The European Technology Platform ALICE is set-up to develop a comprehensive strategy for research, innovation and market deployment of logistics and supply chain management innovation in Europe. The ALICE Knowledge Platform is based on the recognition of the need for an overarching view on logistics and supply chain planning and control, in which shippers and logistics service providers closely collaborate to reach efficient logistics and supply chain operations. The platform provides a database of ca. 50 public-funded projects (including deliverables, presentations, etc.) as well as companies and funding opportunities.

EIT Urban Mobility Marketplace

EIT Urban Mobility is an initiative of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) working to encourage positive changes in the way people move around cities to make them more liveable places. Envisaged as a 'one stop shop' for sustainable urban mobility solutions, the EIT Urban Mobility Marketplace features the leading innovative solutions in urban mobility from the EU and beyond. Visitors are invited to search and share innovative products, best practices and pilots tackling the most important urban mobility challenges faced by global cities.

Platforms from other partners

Horizon Results Platform

The Horizon Results Platform provides a space to promote all EU-funded research and innovation. It aims to build a bridge between Europe's most innovative start-ups and private investors seeking fresh opportunities. On the platform, EU Framework Programme participants can present the results from their research projects, including in the topic areas of mobility and logistics.  These results are available for platform users to search, contact results owners and form potential partnerships toward further innovation.  

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