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Organisation: Edeva AB

The Actibump is an active speed bump that is only a speed bump for those who speed. If you're driving within the speed limit, nothing happens, you get a flat road. If you are speeding, a hatch integrated into the road surface lowers a few centimeters to give the driver a physical reminder.

The Actibump - a friendly reminder for road safety

If you don't speed you get a flat road. If you are speeding you get a dent in the road, giving you a physical reminder of the speed limit. This has proven to be very efficient in lowering speed, noise and pollution. It is espacially cost effective on sites with a lot of traffic, buses and emergency vehicles mixing with vulnerable road users.

The system has been deployed and used in Sweden since 2010. There are currently about 100 units installed. The customers are usually cities/municipalities, regional and national transport administrations. Among the current customers are the Swedish transport administration, the Danish road directorate and the Icelandic road administration as well as a number of Swedish and Norweigan municipalities (for example Stockholm and Malmö cities and Halden municipality), a road toll station and a university.

The system is connected to a software platform called EdevaLive that monitors and controls the system, which means it can be remotely monitored from anywhere in the world and thus can be installed anywhere in the world. The software platform also collects, stores and visualises data generated by the Actibump. This data can then be used to analyse the traffic situation and make desicions based on that data.

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