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Organisation: PEOPLE

The eco-friendliest, strongest, lightest, fully recyclable, and real-time connected logistic units. We have started from shipping containers, the common factor of global transport. Same technology can be applied to any logistics units & modes of transport.

A green proposal

PEOPLE proposes to the world a green solution that concerns all of us. It combines lightweight technology, IoT and Advanced Analytics that will revolutionize the standards of global freight transport by:

  • Saving 205 million trees
  • Reducing by 65 million tons CO2 emissions annually
  • Saving over 20,5 billion liters of fossil fuel yearly
  • Moving 40 million tons of cargo at no additional cost and CO2 emissions every year

Everything that moves consumes energy. All the energy consumed has a cost, a cost for our planet and an economical cost. PEOPLE provides solutions to optimize global movements of goods.

…so where did PEOPLE start?

The majority of the items surrounding us have probably been traveling in an intermodal container at some point of their lifecycle. Reports reveal that the global shipping container market is projected to grow by over 50% within the next 5 years and reach over $12 billion by 2027. This translates into higher demand and needs for availability of the containers on the market. Just looking at the recent numbers; the growth is enormous, going from 26,5 million TEUs of dry containers in 2010 to 41,5 million in 2020; and experts predict that it shall reach over 53 million TEUs by 2025!

This boost in containers' production and supply should allow players across the logistics industry to easily and efficiently ship their goods. However, the current ecosystem is not optimized. We have never had as many containers on the market as now. Nonetheless, 2021 is known in the industry as the year of "containers shortage," and finding a container to buy or book has been the primary concern of container users. What is the reason? Is there really a container shortage?

Not really..! When aligning the "supply vs. demand" numbers, we realize the number of containers in circulation would cover the global needs. The actual problem is that the existing containers are not managed optimally. Businesses need to find ways to reorganize their container fleet while ensuring recyclability, sustainability, longevity, and profitability.

…how does PEOPLE tackle this challenge?

PEOPLE proposes to take the problem by the root and start by asking the right questions: What can we do to cope with the increasing amount of cargo movements around the globe, and at the same time reduce the CO2 emissions and cost of the operations?

Move more cargo per unit

PEOPLE optimizes the whole structure of logistics units, making them stronger, durable, using less material and capable to carry more cargo than units based on old technology.

Stop cutting trees

PEOPLE replaced the units' wooden floor panels with 100% recyclable metallic and up to 54% lighter floor panels.

 "The most effective tree-related strategy for climate change is to stop cutting down so many of the trees we already have."

Bill Gates, in his book "How to avoid a climate disaster."

Monitoring globally and in real-time

PEOPLE gives the tools to the stakeholders to outpace the standard process by providing immediate insights and facilitating pro-active decision making (e.g., replace a shipment, change the route, while still in shipment).

The team gives the right information about the conditions of the cargo, at the right time to the right people via its breakthrough platform.

Develop the eco-friendliest logistic units in the world and connected

PEOPLE started from Containers. They have developed the eco-friendliest, lightest, strongest, and the only smart container with built-in technology in the world: The Container2.0 - The future of dry containers.

What is the outcome?

Save millions of trees – which absorb millions of tons of CO2 per year - Use 100% recyclable products – Reduce material used – Optimize operations - Reduce CO2 emissions and costs   

By just adopting the Container2.0, the industry will be able to save 205 million trees, move 40mn tons of cargo annually without any additional cost and CO2 emissions or save 20.5 billion liters of fossil fuel and reduce 65 million tons of CO2.


The future of dry containers… but not only!

PEOPLE has also developed smart devices that can be installed on any logistic unit (wagon, truck, trailers, semitrailer, container, pallet, box, etc.), make them smart. Through its breakthrough platform creates a globally connected freight transport. Moreover, PEOPLE is currently applying its lightweight technology to all logistic units, aiming at reducing the annual global CO2 by more than 800mn tons (more than 1.5% of global annual CO2 emissions).


PEOPLE's mission is not just to develop some advanced technology, but also to ensure its innovations benefit the whole industry and the world by making it practical and accessible.

Patent protected

After investing over four years in R&D, the passionate team has come up with an outstanding ecosystem of solutions and has already been granted six patents, while thirteen more patent applications are pending.


The team placed its solutions on the market in 2021 and successfully completed multiple business cases on road, rail and sea; and been recognized by industry leaders as the next 'big thing':

  • TOP10 Logistics Tech Solutions Providers in Europe 2021 by Logistic Tech Outlook Magazine,
  • 2nd place in the category "Equipment Supplier of the Year" from the Middle-East Awards
  • A winner of Unsung Hero of the Power List 2021, by the Logistics Middle East Magazine; for bringing up Revolutionizing Logistics Technologies to the market.
  • Selected in the Top30 innovators to watch, by the Silicon review
  • Finalist at the 25th Supply Chain Excellence Awards, one of the most renowned awards, in 2 categories: Innovation and Sustainability Awards
  • Winner at the WOF Expo Awards, in the categories "Green Impact" and “Innovation of the Year”.

Welcome on board!

100% boosted and energized by the warm welcome and consideration from the industry players, PEOPLE is determined to keep pushing the boundaries of what is possible today and resetting the standards of global freight transport. The team strongly encourages anyone sharing the same values to get on board and contribute to moving faster. PEOPLE stands on the intersection of Technology and Design and gives its best on both.

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