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Organisation: Modality

Modality is an insights-as-a-service software to pilot the mobility mix of any territory. It provides turnkey studies to understand all the transport solutions in a territory, measure intermodality, diagnose access problems, and test the impact of new scenarios.

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✔︎ Modality industrializes the production of data analyses required for sustainable mobility plans. 

It gives access in a few minutes, without configuration, to studies that would otherwise require several weeks of work and costly data processing.

✔︎ Modality is used by stakeholders in mobilityurban planning and smart cities.


How does it work?

Modality collects data from growing opendata sources and translates it into strategic information thanks to powerful computing engines, algorithms dedicated to intermodality, and interactive web maps.


For example, Modality automatically produces analyses on:

  • the zones with no sustainable solution for daily trips
  • access problems to jobs and public services,
  • the best locations for new stations or docks,
  • the attractiveness of sustainable alternatives to the car,
  • the quality of intermodality,

with regard to the socio-demography and the activity of the territories.


Modality also offers tools to create and test new scenarios: adding public transport lines, changing timetables, deploying more stations for shared bikes and scooters, etc. 


Modality thus enables mobility decision-makers to

  • diagnose problems in the network of mobility solutions,
  • test new multimodal scenarios and evaluate the gains and losses,
  • create and communicate new sustainable mobility plans.

✔︎ Modality is a SaaS tool for all players who want to meet the challenge of sustainable and inclusive mobility to face our climate and social emergencies.

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