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Organisation: Modular Cycling

Prefabricated Wooden infrastructure for Active mobility and lightweight traffic. Modular above grade solutions have the potential to turn infrastructure into carbon sinks, fostering biodiversityin the process. Secondary benefits include less soil sealing and reduced urban heat island effects.

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Have you ever wondered if there was another way to build cycling tracks, one that did not involve destroying topsoils and fragmenting ecosystems?

We have developped above-grade solutions that maintain soil continuity in space and time, minimizing the impact on the local eco-systems.

Through the use of smart fundations, damage to soil is minimal, translating into an 80% reduction in carbon emissions from land-use change. The remaining emissions are more than offset by the carbon embedded in our timber structures.

Soil releases 80% of greenfield tracks emissions

VelSol in the Swedish countryside

Active road user deserve dedicated infrastructure. Most studies show that separated tracks are essential first to the safety of cyclists and pedestrians, but also to the growth of their modal share intraffic.

Our systems enable low-impact infrastrucutre in a variety of environment, maximizing road safety while minimzing costs to the taxpayer and nature.

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